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JOIN NOW and SEE for example why Andre Agassi had problem with his two-handed backhand in the end of his career.., what Jelena Jankovic could improve in her serve...and why Dinara Safina served 16 double faults in the finals of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing..., costing her mostly probably the Olympic gold medal...

Please respect that all pictures/videos downloaded to the site must be pictures/videos where the author/publisher is the owner of the copyright for the picture/video. Authors/publishers are solely responsible for the fulfillment of this requirement! Please also kindly read my blogs below about the membership/use conditions /requirements and how you can profit in an optimal way from your free membership here!! By signing up, you fully accept the conditions listed in this text here and in the mentioned blogs. WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ALLOW SPAM OF ANY KIND AND ANY ADULT CONTENT HERE!! Photos in the photo section should be somehow tennis related. Your personal photos are welcome at your personal site (=MyPage).
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Have a great fun here and keep playing and following our great Game!



25th MBTA ANNUAL SPRING TENNIS CAMP IN NATURNS - SOUTH TYROL / ITALY - April 18-25, 2015 - Already 25th "Top Pro-like Tennis for Everybody with MBTA" in beautifully refreshing spring environment of Naturns on the Southern foothills of the Italian Alps (combined with some Alpine skiing on one of the world's best glaciers nearby - for interested participants, not mandatory :-)..). Please ask for the details for 2015 after September 2014!! TENNIS WATCHING & SEMINAR in PARIS during the 2015 FRENCH OPEN at Roland Garros! - end of May, 2015 - After successfull events in 2008-2014, we are looking forwards to meet with the real tennis fans during the 8th Paris seminars in May of 2015 again!!! Details will be available in the box below latest by mid March 2015!!! TENNIS WATCHING & SEMINAR in NEW YORK during the 2015 US.OPEN in Flushing Meadows!
After the events in 2008-14, we are looking forwards to the 8th edition in the end of August 2015! Hope to see many of you there! The US.Open is most probably the best tennis show in the world money can buy! And the best part of it is even FREE :-)!!!!! Please, ask us for details!! More details can be also found in the box below as the event will be coming closer, latest in July 2015!!



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Tennis Streaming Videos - Foreign Source

Novak Djokovic as Pete Sampras and Goran Ivanisevic
Novak Djokovic as Maria Sharapova
Roger Federer can't stop laughing Interview in Basel 2007
Boris Becker at Wimbledon BB Wimbledon performance overview
Jan SilvaThe next tennis prodigy, here captured at the age of 6 years
Lendl - McEnroe - ATP Masters - Forehand KO




Created by Martin Baroch - Dr.MGB - COACH Dec 22, 2008 at 11:19pm. Last updated by Martin Baroch - Dr.MGB - COACH Dec 22, 2008.

Henin retires

It the first time in the history of professional tennis WTA's reigning #1 Justine Henin announced immediate and complete retirement from the Tour on May 14, 2008. As Henin's career especially in its beginning at junior level was very hard and paved by many obstacles and based on her smaller size, Henin had to work very hard to be able to dominate physically much stronger players, it can be understood that the constant pressure became too much for her after many years in the field. On the other… Continue

Created by Martin Baroch - Dr.MGB - COACH May 15, 2008 at 7:36pm. Last updated by Martin Baroch - Dr.MGB - COACH May 15, 2008.

Notes Home

Welcome to Notes. Continue

Created by Martin Baroch - Dr.MGB - COACH May 2, 2008 at 9:54pm. Last updated by Martin Baroch - Dr.MGB - COACH May 2, 2008.

Russian Tennis News - RSS - PYCCKI

Рублев признан лучшим игроком года среди юниоров по версии ITF

Российский теннисист Андрей Рублев был признан Международной теннисной ассоциацией (ITF) лучшим игроком года среди юниоров.

Судебная экспертиза не выявила оскорблений в словах Тарпищева о сестрах Уильямс

Специалисты федерального центра судебной экспертизы при министерстве юстиции Российской Федерации пришли к выводу, что высказывание главы Федерации тенниса России (ФТР) Шамиля Тарпищева о теннисистках сестрах Уильямс в телевизионной передаче «Вечерний Ургант» было инициировано ведущим шоу.

Cesky Sport Tennis News in Czech - RSS - CESKY

Kondiční eso Marek Všetíček: Se Štěpánkem máme velké plány

Slavný, světový a výjimečný je kondiční trenér Marek Všetíček. Také skromný, mohl by se chlubit svými úspěchy, ale nedělá to. Své tři svěřence dostal na vrchol, do světové top desítky. Zná tajemství, jak rapidně prodloužit sportovní věk. Ostatně Radek Štěpánek je toho důkazem.

Šmíd o novém kouči Berdycha: Změnu potřeboval, ale tohle je kravina

Jen nechápavě kroutí hlavou. Už z tenisu dávno vypadl, přesto na něj má Tomáš Šmíd, bývalý jedenáctý hráč světa a trenér Borise Beckera, stále originální názory. A krok Tomáše Berdycha s angažováním Daniho Vallverdua coby hlavního kouče mu nevoní. „Asi ho doporučil Ivan, ale moc tomu nerozumím,“ diví se.

Dobrá zpráva pro fanoušky. Do Česka by se měl vrátit turnaj WTA

Do Česka se příští rok nejspíše vrátí tenisový turnaj žen okruhu WTA a wimbledonská vítězka Petra Kvitová by se mohla představit tuzemským fanouškům.

Nový Berdychův kouč? Je o půl roku mladší, Lendl ho ale poslouchal

Do světa velkého tenisu se dostal přes známost s Andym Murraym. Přes čtyři roky byl důležitým členem týmu nejlepšího britského tenisty, a ač zůstával ve stínu, znalci prostředí včetně Ivana Lendla ho oceňovali jako bystrý tenisový mozek. To je Daniel Vallverdu, nový kouč Tomáše Berdycha.

Tomáš Berdych má nového kouče. Krupu střídá Murrayho kamarád

Tomáš Berdych vstoupí do sezony 2015 s novým koučem. Bude jím osmadvacetiletý Daniel Vallverdu, jenž čtyři roky působil v týmu Andy Murrayho a byl u Britových dvou grandslamových titulů. S Berdychem již naopak nebudou pokračovat jeho dosavadní trenér Tomáš Krupa a kondiční kouč David Vydra. Sportu to potvrdil zdroj z tenistova okolí.

China Sports News - RSS - ENGLISH

Raptors use big 4th quarter to down Nets

Toronto Raptors beat Brooklyn Nets 105-89 on Wednesday night to improve to 20-6 and maintain their first place lead in the Eastern Conference.

Jazz overcome Wade's 42, roll past Heat

Gordon Hayward scored 29 points as the Utah Jazz dimed Dwyane Wade's 42 to beat the Miami Heat 105-87 on Wednesday night.

Mavs extend Pistons' skid at home to 11

Chandler Parsons scored a season-high 32 points as the Dallas Mavericks beat the Detroit Pistons 117-106 Wednesday night.

Hawks rout Cavs for 11th win in 12 games

Shelvin Mack scored a career-high 24 points to lead the Atlanta Hawks to a big win over the Cleveland Cavaliers 127-98 Wednesday night.

1st international belt on offer as Zou fights Thai

Nearly two years since making his professional debut, China's best known fighter, Zou Shiming, will be challenging an old acquaintance for his first international belt.


MBTA is making affordable testing sets of one of the best kept secrets of many world's best coaches, the legendary DTBT Foam Balls (FB) easily available to the world-wide tennis community!!!

More about the DTBT Foam Ball program by MBTA and regular ordering can be seen/downloaded here:

2014-DTBT-EQP-Desc-ENG-Oct1a.pdf (Description)




The testing set as can be seen bellow:
1 x 90FB Red, 2 x 90FB Green, 1 x 120FB Green and 1 x 120FB Blue - all packed in 1 eco-friendly reusable TASCHKA net bag (in red/black/olive green - value US$ 10.00 incl. s&h) is available just for US$ 69.95 (per PayPal) including registered priority shipping and handling to addresses anywhere in the world (regular list price of this order inclusive priority shipping would be US$ 103.00 in Europe / US$ 118.00 anywhere in the world outside of Europe).

Simply forward a PayPal payment of US$ 69.95 to drmgb11(at) and submit the shipping address with the payment. That's all you need to do!! The box with the FBs as can be seen below will arrive within 5 (Europe) / 9 (outside of Europe) work days after the PayPal payment arrival day at your door anywhere in the world! For 2 testing sets forward US$ 129.90 only (instead of regular list price including priority s&h - US$ 166.00 (Europe) / US$ 181.00 (outside of Europe)! Maximum are 2 testing sets per address and 12 months period only!

The new eco-friendly reusable TASCHKA net bag (capable of carrying easily 50lb of weight and volume of 4 dozen (48) tennis balls) can be produced in almost any color of choice and can also carry name/advertisement on both the rubber band and handle! Available in 2 varieties - flat-handle and round-handle (pictured above). - FREE EDUCATIONAL PICTURES and VIDEOS !!!

Just become a member (FREE!) and then click at Photos or Videos above this box to SEE MANY EDUCATIONAL PHOTO IMAGES AND VIDEO FOOTAGES documenting the strokes of the world class players as well as top juniors and seniors, many of them with my technical comments. Some of the photos are organized into Albums and part of them is reserved for registered members who are also my friends only (both is FREE!). Besides optimal strokes, also some serious mistake (technical weaknesses) of the junior and professional players are shown and commented on.

Many tennis myths are being challenged here. Professional players shown here can also profit from the images and enclosed technical comments as we are discovering many of their mistakes or weaknesses, which they are often not aware of....Safina's and Sharapova's serves for example.. In this way the photo and video databases are of a HIGH EDUCATIONAL VALUE to players of all levels all the way to the top of the professional game, coaches and parents of aspiring tennis players!!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask or comment! You can also put name of the player or of the stroke (stroke part) / tennis subject into the search box in the red line (top right) to find who or what you are looking for! New much revealing tennis photos and videos are added almost weekly!!!

I truly hope this site will become a welcome and valuable educational information and technical reference source for top player as well as for highly interested players of all ages, coaches and tennis parents from all over the world.. Currently, offers THE LARGEST COMPLETELY FREE educational tennis photo database in the world! I truly hope you will use it!


Become a member of (FREE) and then download video footage (from camera/phone, 4-5 repetitions of the stroke are best) of one of your own or your children's' strokes and I will analyze this for you and write you a comment with suggestions for improvement, all FREE for limited time now! (one stroke per person)!

Dr.MGB - W E L C O M E & I N T R O D U C T I O N


It is my enormous pleasure as well as real honor and privilege to welcome you all at this world-wide unique global tennis site, at a real and pure TENNIS SOCIAL NETWORK -, which has set as its goal to help facilitate worldwide tennis contacts among serious tennis lovers (both players and fans) and to help with cutting-edge know-how and educational content to improve and grow the game of tennis in the world and thus make more people happy with tennis as well as support global public health and healthy lifestyle through tennis.

As we want to connect "tennis people" from all over the world, you will find tennis news feeds besides English also in German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Czech here! I strongly believe that with all its resources has recently become the world's premier free global tennis information and communication site/platform and I would feel really honored, if you would chose as your default/starting Internet site....and embrace it as YOUR TENNIS SITE!

All serious tennis players and/or lovers of the game from around the world are warmly welcome here on Please sign-up, create your free profile, post your own clear profile picture, invite all of your tennis friends and let us all know what rocks your tennis world!

Please feel free to also post your own tennis pictures and videos and to share your various tennis experiences with all of us here. You can build your free profile here up to a free small personal tennis website featuring all of your tennis activities and involvements for others to see (please look at my own profile here as example)! This can be a great opportunity for players looking for sponsors, for coaches introducing themselves to potential customers or for anybody else in the tennis field seeking more exposure. Let's together create THE ULTIMATE TENNIS NETWORK ON THE WEB! (And the skiing/mountain lovers among the tennis players here are also welcome at our sister skiing/mountain site

I am very much looking forwards to meeting all of you real tennis lovers from around the world here at this site and may be also on and around the tennis courts and tennis arenas of this world!

Get the ball into the court! Game, set, match & click…

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Martin G. Baroch (Dr.MGB)

"From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life" - Arthur Ashe - American tennis champion and humanitarian

F R E E T-SHIRT and adidas POLO

F R E E T-shirt !!!!
We are introducing the T-shirt. The 100% cotton T-shirt is white with the new logo in vivid green over the chest as presented by one of top Swiss junior players Dragana and top Swiss senior player Ida (2009 European Indoor 70+ Doubles Champion). NEW - Black T-shirt with print is also available!!

I N V I T E just 20 new member among your tennis friends and the new T-shirt comes F R E E to your home shortly. It's very simple, just click at the bar invite near the top of the main page and then you can type in the e-mail addresses of your tennis friends or select them from your address book.

Each new member must have own e-mail address, completely filled-out profile with profile photo and must answer to the communication at least once. When you have accomplished this, please write me with the names of the friends you have acquired and your T-shirt size (unisex S, M, L, XL available). MyTennisWorld T-shirt will then (after the new members and your invite of them were confirmed) arrive at your home anywhere in the world within 4-6 weeks. Also the friends you acquired from the start of this site until now can be counted to your total! Should you invited your friends by other means then the ones described above, let us know their names and after confirming with them, we will count them also to your total. IF YOU INVITE AND GET AT LEAST 50 NEW MEMBERS, YOU ARE GETTING ONE FREE PRIVATE TENNIS LESSON FROM ME (fulfillment in Zurich - any time or in New York in late August) or CLASSY ADIDAS TENNIS POLO WITH print IN RED ON THE BACK (available in both female and male style) as presented by 2009 Latvian U12 Champion Daniel Soyfer!!

These promotions are valid until December 31, 2014!


Roland Garros

Started by Roman Fischer in Serious Tennis Topics May 30, 2013. 0 Replies CONTEST FOR THE BEST PREDICTION OF THE 2013 FRENCH OPEN RESULTS / WINNERS

Started by Martin Baroch - Dr.MGB - COACH in Serious Tennis Topics. Last reply by Martin Baroch - Dr.MGB - COACH May 30, 2013. 3 Replies

Tennis League

Started by Ethan Miller in Uncategorized Apr 2, 2013. 0 Replies CONTEST for the BEST PREDICTION of the 2013 AUSTRALIAN OPEN RESULTS

Started by Martin Baroch - Dr.MGB - COACH in Serious Tennis Topics. Last reply by Martin Baroch - Dr.MGB - COACH Jan 27, 2013. 11 Replies - Trendy Tennis Products

Dynamic Total Body Tennis" (DTBT) is currently probably the worldwide most efficient, most cost effective and also most health conscious system of teaching modern tennis at any level of the game. The principle lies in using the entire active body structure (muscle pretension, body rotation) in every stroke right from the beginning. The complete set of equipment needed here (pictures above - first - the line of succession in the use of the balls through the development and through the lesson, second - the complete set) is available for under US$ 200.00 and lies far bellow the costs of the complete set of equipment as suggested by more complicated ITF's Tennis Play & Stay programs like Quick Start Tennis (USTA) and prepared Quick Tennis (DTBT uses less ball varieties), which were launched only years after the roll-out of the DTBT and use much of the same principles like DTBT by missing, from my point of view, the most crucial developmental element and making things more complicated . In my opinion the ITF system is also more tennis industry friendly then customer friendly. More about DTBT (explanation, clinics, equipment) can be found at - there go under Services to Dynamic Total Body Tennis!! Introductory clincs, coaches courses and certifications in DTBT are offered based on demand worldwide!! Please ask for details and dates available - Dr.MGB

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Posted by Martin Baroch - Dr.MGB - COACH on January 3, 2010 at 1:05pm 1 Comment


© January 3, 2010 by Dr. Martin G. Baroch

There are thousands of young tennis players around the world who hope to arrive in the top ranks of the professional tennis one day. Lot of them and their families spend a lot of time and significant funds in pursuing the professional tennis career. Majority of them fails in this uneasy pursuit and unfortunately many of these young careers end with frustration and also not seldom with physical… Continue

Roger Federer's Tennis Decline...and Possible Way Up...

Posted by Martin Baroch - Dr.MGB - COACH on May 13, 2009 at 12:30pm 4 Comments

Roger Federer’s Tennis Decline...and Possible Way Up...

© April/May 2009 Dr. Martin Baroch

First of all I have to mention that I do not only consider Swiss Roger Federer as one of the best tennis players and ambassadors of the tennis game in its history, but I also count myself to his fans. So, I find it personally sad that his winning streak and clear dominance of the tennis field came to an (hopefully temporary) end. But even the best can and have to be critically… Continue

How you can BEST use MyTennisWorld

Posted by Martin Baroch - Dr.MGB - COACH on January 2, 2008 at 11:13am 2 Comments

Hello fellow tennis friends and enthusiasts

Once again, my sincere welcome at this new site, real tennis social network, which

you can make into YOUR OWN TENNIS SITE now!! Please let me guide you thru

some possibilities:

1/ Build your FREE profile, the simple one is very easy, and build this profile into YOUR OWN PERSONAL TENNIS WEBSITE (the

more computer savvy ones among you can use different advanced design

options). Please, as we are creating a serious… Continue


Posted by Martin Baroch - Dr.MGB - COACH on December 31, 2007 at 10:30am 0 Comments

Dear tennis friends from around the world!!

Once again let me sincerely welcome you at this new worldwide tennis site (Tennis Social Network) for SERIOUS TENNIS ENTHUSIAST (both PLAYERS & FANS) interested in contacts with other REAL TENNIS PEOPLE/FANS and in unique EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES and offerings presented at this site.

As we want to create a SERIOUS TENNIS COMMUNITY, we request everybody who wants to profit from these FREE services to OPEN A FREE ACCOUNT and to POST…


Yahoo Tennis News Ticker - RSS - ENGLISH

Djokovic, Williams get top ITF annual awards (Yahoo Sports)

Serbia's Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams of the US perform the gangnam style dance during the Kids Tennis Day at Melbourne Park ahead of the Australian Open tennis championship in Melbourne, Australia, Saturday, Jan. 12, 2013. (AP Photo/Andy Wong)

LONDON (AP) -- Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams have been selected as the International Tennis Federation's world champions for 2014.

Berdych hires Vallverdu as new coach (Yahoo Sports)

Czech Republic’s Tomas Berdych plays a return to Serbia’s Novak Djokovic, during their singles ATP World Tour Finals tennis match at the O2 Arena in London, Friday, Nov. 14, 2014. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

PRAGUE (AP) -- Tomas Berdych says Dani Vallverdu has become his new coach, just weeks after the Venezuelan split with Andy Murray.

Kozlov, Kenin win 18s singles at Orange Bowl (Yahoo Sports)

PLANTATION, Fla. (AP) -- Stefan Kozlov and Sofia Kenin won the 18s singles titles Sunday in the Orange Bowl Tennis Championships, completing the first U.S. sweep since 2004.

Indian Aces top team in inaugural IPTL (Yahoo Sports) UAE Royals Novak Djokovic gestures to the crowd after winning a point against Micromax Indian Aces player Roger Federer during the International Premier Tennis League, in New Delhi, India, Monday Dec. 8, 2014. (AP Photo/Manish Swarup)

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) -- Novak Djokovic signed off in style at the International Premier Tennis League by thrashing Gael Monfils 6-0, but it was not enough for his UAE Royals to win the inaugural exhibition event on Saturday.

All 100 top-ranked men set for Australian Open (Yahoo Sports)

Stanislas Wawrinka of Switzerland holds the trophy after defeating Rafael Nadal of Spain in the men's singles final at the Australian Open tennis championship in Melbourne, Australia, Sunday, Jan. 26, 2014.(AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)

MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) -- All 100 top-ranked men and 99 of the top 100 women have entered to play the Australian Open in January.

Eurosport Tennis News Ticker in French - RSS - FRANCAIS

Gasquet retourne à l’école avec Nadal

Richard Gasquet et Rafael Nadal se connaissent depuis l’enfance. A l’époque ils se croisaient régulièrement lors des tournois internationaux mais c’est la première fois qu’ils partagent une semaine d’entraînement complète à Manacor, le fief des Nadal.

Noah ne veut plus être capitaine des Bleus : un rétropédalage en 3 déclas

Sa main tendue n'avait pas trouvé beaucoup d'écho dans le tennis français. Après avoir ouvert la porte à un retour en équipe de France de Coupe Davis, Yannick Noah est revenu aujourd'hui sur une bonne partie de ses propos. Voici les trois déclarations qui montrent que le champion a clairement freiné ses ardeurs.

Nadal : "La place de numéro un ne sera pas mon objectif en 2015"

Rafael Nadal s’apprête à faire son retour, après près de deux mois d’absence, pour le tournoi exhibition d’Abu Dhabi le 1er janvier. Le numéro trois mondial, opéré de l’appendicite début novembre, ne se fixe pas d’objectif pour 2015 et ne vise surtout pas la place de numéro un mondial.

Noah, l'exhibition, la finale : Tsonga donne sa version et remet les points sur les i

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga s'explique sur la finale de Coupe Davis dans un entretien à L'Equipe vendredi. Le Manceau encaisse mal certaines critiques et recadre gentiment Yannick Noah.

Asics se lance dans les raquettes de tennis

Asics tente un nouveau pari. Déjà leader au rayon chaussures chez les meilleurs joueurs de tennis du monde, la marque japonaise vient de présenter sa première raquette performance.

Gasquet : "Si Federer n’était pas revenu cette année, on gagnait cette Coupe"

Trois semaines après la finale perdue en Coupe Davis, Richard Gasquet est le premier à revenir sur cet échec dans le quotidien L’Equipe, ce mercredi. Le Français se dédouane en assurant que Roger Federer était bien trop fort. Et défend Arnaud Clément.

Ces nouveaux talents qui ont secoué le circuit ATP

De Cilic, surprenant vainqueur à l'US Open, à Nishikori qui a terminé la saison à la 5e place mondiale, retour sur ces joueurs qui ont marqué 2014 en venant rivaliser avec les références du circuit ATP.

Wawrinka, la saison de toutes les réussites

Avec un titre du Grand Chelem à Melbourne, un Masters 1000 à Monte-Carlo et la Coupe Davis avec la Suisse, Stanislas Wawrinka a vécu une saison 2014 exceptionnelle.

En 2014, l'ex-Big Four a retrouvé de l'allant

Pour Mats Wilander, le Big Four commence à renaître de ses cendres. Novak Djokovic a eu le dernier mot, mais Roger Federer a impressionné en étant l'une des références de la saison, Rafael Nadal a conquis son 9e Roland-Garros entre deux blessures et Andy Murray retrouve peu à peu son niveau.

Le smash incroyable de Federer face à Djokovic en Inde

Face à Djokovic lundi, Roger Federer a fait le show, à l’image de ce smash improbable joué de dos qui a laissé le numéro un mondial sur place…

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Maria SHARAPOVA (*87 / RUS) - 2014 US.Open - New York / USA - (C) by Dr.MGB

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Vic BRADEN (1929-2014 / USA) - 2012 USPTA World Conference - Monterey, CA / USA - (C) September 2012 by Dr.MGB

Photo from the last BIG tennis conference presentation of the legendary Vic Braden, a great tennis man who ushered the modern sport science into tennis and was inspiration to millions of tennis players and thousands of tennis coaches/teachers around…
Oct 9

LINKS - The must have for all the available tennis intelligence (results, college, business, classified) from the man, who knows it all... - In my own opinion one of the best personal oriented tennis coaching, tennis educational and comprehensive tennis service businesses in the world - standing also behind this site - Probably the most comprehensive tennis result service available worldwide - big to small events - Tennis art for home or anywhere else - Interesting tennis reading from a very detailed and opinionated tennis author Paul Fein
DOWN THE TEE Tennis blog from one of our members Justin


ESPN Tennis News Ticker - RSS

Serena, Djokovic selected as ITF world champs

Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams have been selected as the International Tennis Federation's world champions for 2014.

Berdych brings on ex-Murray coach Vallverdu

Tomas Berdych says Dani Vallverdu has become his new coach, just weeks after the Venezuelan split with Andy Murray.

Indian Aces win inaugural IPTL exhibition event

Novak Djokovic signed off in style at the International Premier Tennis League by thrashing Gael Monfils 6-0, but it was not enough for his UAE Royals to win the inaugural exhibition event on Saturday.

All 100 top-ranked men set for Aussie Open

All 100 top-ranked men and 99 of the top 100 women have entered to play the Australian Open in January.

Bellis clinches year-end No. 1 junior ranking

American teen CiCi Bellis has clinched the world's year-end No. 1 junior ranking.

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「フェドカップ by BNPパリバ 2015 アジア・オセアニアゾーン・グループ1部」が、2015年2月4日から7日までの日程で、中国・広州にて開催されることが決定しました。



(広報委員 中俣拓哉 /写真 佐藤ひろし)











(広報委員 中俣拓哉 /写真 佐藤ひろし)


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